Multipurpose Adjustable Tablet & Phone Stand

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1. Tired of holding your tablets for long time?
FREE your hands, take a tablet stand!
2. The ordinary tablet stand limits your freedom?
Fight for freedom, TAKE this multifunction tablet stand!
It help many patients lying in bed, expanding theircommunication with the outside world, bring more FUN, so that they are notalone and lonely.

HOW is this stand?
Comparing with the normal stand, this one provide more comfortable environment.
You can use it everywhere, such as Floor, Desk, Bed,Couch, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Outdoor, etc.

The height and viewangle can be easily adjusted to fit different situations.
Weight: 0.84 lb (380g) almost as weight as 3cellphones
Height: 12.2~14.6 inches (31~37cm)
Width:20.5 inches (52cm)
Angle: -40~280 degrees
Widthfor device: 1.2~10.2 inches (2.5~25.2 cm)
Thickness for device: lessthan 0.47 inches (1.2cm)
Material: Aluminium alloy & premiumplastic

CompatibilityProvides you with a safe and secure mount for your tablet PC, Phone.GPS Kindle fire phone tablet Makes it convenient to enjoy yourself at bed, on beach or anywhere you want.Now you can read & watch at any where. Easy to bring it with you. After use,you could lossen the handle before folding and then begin folding according to opening in the reverse direction.