Does the Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor work with screen protectors?

Does the Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor work with screen protectors?

In case you didn't realize it, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ have a fingerprint sensor beneath the display. This allows you to unlock your phone by placing your thumb on the lower portion of the display instead of having to reach around the back where the standard fingerprint sensor has been the past couple of years.

You can not just use any old screen protector with Galaxy S10 /S10+

This is extremely cool technology, but because of the way it works it can cause issues with some screen protectors. The exact technology in play is Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It uses sound pressure waves to read the 3D surface area of your finger, giving you a more technologically convenient and secure biometric security option than the previous scanner.

Those sound waves are a big problem when it comes to tempered glass screen protectors because if there are any gaps between your screen protector and your display, the ultrasonic waves can't get an accurate reading. Although your regular tempered glass screen protector appears to be in direct contact with the display, the adhesive used to keep it all together creates a very thin gap that is just thin enough to throw off the Galaxy S10's ultrasonic scanner.

Right now, there is one option right now for a compatible tempered glass protector. The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is made in a way that allows it to work perfectly fine with the Galaxy S10's fingerprint scanner. This is because it uses a patent-pending liquid adhesive called LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) over the full surface area that minimizes the amount of air between the screen protector and your display, giving those sound waves enough room to read the entirety of your fingerprint.

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