Do the phones with Gorilla Glass needs Screen Guard on them?

Do the phones with Gorilla Glass needs Screen Guard on them?

Yes it does. No matter how hard the glass is in its highest level, it is glass and it could not resist all kind of shocks. The silicon anti-shock layer and adhesive layer of tempered glass could absorb certain impact before it pass to the original mobile screen.

Besides, the oleophobic coating of the original screen could eventually be rubbed off and scratched in the long term, while tempered glass could renew the smooth surface and protection constantly.

Additionally, special glasses provides different functions like anti-spy, anti blue light etc. that the original glasses don’t have.

There is no such thing as a completely unbreakable glass. Gorilla Glass may be harder and tougher to crack than conventional glass, but it’s still very much breakable.

Unless you are 150% certain you’re never going to drop your device, you’ll need protection of some sort. Most device cases have a lip around the edge to prevent the screen from touching the ground if it falls face down. For most people that’s enough, but you never know.

The amount of protection you give to your device is a decision that is solely in your hands.

Technology is changing and with the launch of 6D Glasses your phone would look as the same after applying the screen guard.

Everybody knows that the life of phones is approximately 1-2 years and we as Indian tend to sell our old phones in order to buy a new one, the value of phone with scratches would be much less as compared to a scratch less phone.

The decision is Solely upto you..